App and browser control thanks to Windows Defender

Security has become one of the most important matters respecting computers and their operating systems, and Microsoft is quite aware of this reality that in previous years has affected Windows as their main OS and best-selling software across the world, with malware and other malicious code designed for this specific platform due to its influence. 

Fortunately, Windows 10 is a secure operating system designed to foresee and prevent attacks from malware and malicious code in any of its forms, from ransomware to spyware. This is thanks to the built-in antivirus technology included in Windows 10 known as Windows Defender, which is prepared to face any threat when is updated any sort of malware. 

Now, Windows Defender includes other functions for security, such as the App and Browser Control, making Windows 10 even more secured that it was in first instance. In this way, risks can be avoided and prevented even before they happen, which is the best protection a system may have respecting this matter that involves privacy and security.

How the App and Browser Control function works 

In terms of functionality, the App and Browser Control function works under Windows Defender and SmartScreen as main protection in Windows 10, having as ultimate purpose not allowing any app or program to be executed. 

Since, every malicious code or malware requires to be executed in first place like any other software to perform the tasks for which it was coded, in this case damaging the system or lock data to collect ransom, the main function of the App and Browser Control is to disable the execution of such risky software. 

Therefore, even if the malware is on the computer and the system in the form of a file or app to install, while such software is not executed there is no risk and SmarScreen, along with Windows Defender and the control tool will keep everything safe, avoiding risks and security hazards even before they happen. 

Recommendations respecting Windows Defender 

Windows Defender, SmartScreen and the function of the App and Browser Control are key to protect Windows 10 against many types of malware. That is why; settings are very important to achieve this task and keep the system as safer as possible. 

For example, in terms of recommendations Windows Defender is a software that must be updated as often as possible, so users must check this everyone in a while. Also, carrying out frequent tests and searches to find malware on the device is also a very good advice, avoiding and finding possible malware. 

Microsoft Support: Get help easily

Currently, Microsoft have a great array of services available for users, respecting business, home and professional approach. Some of them are paid or are related to a subscription or one-time payment, and others are completely free and can be downloaded or directly. Whether the case maybe, at some point users may need help respecting using these free or paid services, and with the Microsoft Support website is very easy. 

From Windows to Skype or professional platforms like Azure, the service and software platforms provided by Microsoft is quite extensive with no doubt, and all of these products have their own way of being used and are designed for specific purposes. This is when the Microsoft Support comes one, in order to help users to clear doubts, solve problems and more, all related to products and solutions released by the company. 

Getting help respecting different Microsoft solutions 

The Microsoft Support website is the tool from which the company is able to provide fast assistance and help, respecting many products and solutions related. All of this can be done through the page, using the preferred browser, although Edge is a strong recommendation for better stability, reliability and battery-optimized use. 

When the site is open, it is easy to spot the search bar in the center. Through this bar users can type information regarding the doubt or problem they are having and the product related, whether be Office, Word, Azure or any other. At this point it always helps to write the information in a very short and precise way. 

Depending on the information inserted on the search bar, the website will provide some results to choose from, in which there is content respecting the information and how to solve the problem. For example, like this the user is able to download resources, obtain guides or simply tutorials on how to fix and issue if that is the case. Forums like Technet are also included to obtain support from the community. 

Selecting products to obtain help and support 

In case users do not want to use the search bar there is the possibility to select the product or platform involved directly from a menu below the search bar. 

Like this, if there are doubts about Windows for example, the platform can be selected and different results and options will appear respecting any issue. 

The available platforms to obtain support from are Windows, Xbox, Office, Skype, Microsoft Store, OneDrive and many other solutions provided by the company.  

Windows Update: FAQ and what to know

Operating systems are important platforms that allow computers and similar devices to interact with the users and perform different actions. Also, the OS must have security functions to protect the information and data stored in storage units like hard drives and SSDs, and in many cases this cannot be done due to vulnerabilities in the system that appear over time. 

To compensate this risk and for many reasons more, in the case of Microsoft and Windows as operating system the company offers the Microsoft Updates, as the way to keep the platform up to date and provide more protection and patches that can solve vulnerabilities, without the need to perform complicated steps or reinstall the OS.

However, it is possible that many people have questions about this updating process, and that is why there is available the Microsoft Update FAQ site online, solving some doubts about this process that is very important, especially in older platforms like Windows 7 or Windows 8 that are about to lose support, leaving them open to risks due to vulnerabilities will no longer be patched. 

helloworldhttps://privacy microsoft com/en-us/updates

Frequent asked questions about Windows Update

Windows Update is the way Microsoft keep the operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server and other variants up to date, in order to avoid, solve and patch vulnerabilities that appear over time. 

Also, through Windows Update is possible to apply new versions of the system that are installed automatically, along with stability solutions and updates for third-party software, with the same intention to reduce risk gaps and more. 

Fortunately, as main characteristics windows updates through this system are applied automatically and can be programmed to be installed over night or at any given moment, in order to avoid installation on critical times or when users have their computers busy. 

Since the many functions referred before, users may have problems or doubts respecting this updating system. For this, the Windows Update FAQ or frequent asked questions website is very useful, letting customers know about how, when and there to installed this updates and even uninstall them in case these cause any issue in the device. 

How to access Windows Update FAQ 

Accessing the Windows Update FAQ online is very easy. Users just have to visit this URL address using their preferred internet browser. 

Then, it will be easy to find information about how to install updates automatically or manually, how to set specific times on when installing the updates and more.

Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality
Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is the platform provided by Microsoft that allows the user to have an amazing experience in games and apps respecting augmented reality and virtual reality features. In this way, players and Windows users can have another level of entertainment with immersive experience that makes them fell inside the game. 

Of course, augmented and virtual reality of the hand of Windows Mixed Reality technology is a feature that demands great and specific resources from a computer in order to work perfectly and provide the best experience. In case of having issues, you can get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality with the available support online. 

Getting the best out of Windows Mixed Reality 

According to Microsoft´s website support is easy to find PC compatibility issues related with Windows Mixed Reality, especially those that are related with resources and hardware, although software is also involved. For example, the platforms is only available and compatible with Windows 10. 

To discard any compatibility issue, Microsoft provides the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app, which by a quick benchmark let us know through a report if the hardware components of the machine are capable of running the platform, by checking CPU, RAM, graphics card model and brand, Windows version installed and others. 

According to the checking tool there are three messages that can be shown: “You´re Good to Go” as the message that appears when the PC meets with all requirements, usually being computer with modern architectures and CPU, recent and modern NVIDIA or AMD dedicated graphic cards and DDR4 fast multichannel RAM. 

The second message that is possible to appear is “Supports some features”; saying that some apps and games can run but others will not or will run slow and offer bad experience, usually due to recent but slow hardware or the other way around, fast but old hardware. The “Can´t run mixed reality” message simply says that the platform will not run due to old and slow hardware. 

Microsoft´s People App: Help and Support

Microsoft´s People App: Help and Support
Microsoft´s People App: Help and Support

Microsoft as company is always concerned about creating platforms that provide tools to people, also with the intention to bring them together with family and friend to help them spend more time sharing, instead of being away and working all the time. 

One of these platforms from Microsoft is the People App, as the one that gathers people contacts, calendar and mail services in one, in order to make easier to connect with colleagues, family and friend and share all types of files and documents, photos and videos, as well as email for appointments and schedules, everything in just one place in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. 

Now, in case of doubts about this available service for Microsoft platforms like Windows, the company offers the People App Help section online, specifically in the support website where queries can be solved, as well as different procedures are shown to solve problems and issues and provide actual solutions, easily and using a tutorial approach. 

Consulting People App help and support 

Consulting help and support respecting the People App from Microsoft is very easy, by just visiting this URL address, where the user is able to find different sections addressing the situations, issues and problems related to the platform, along with procedures on how to carry out every function and learn to use the platform. 

Through this support page very easy tutorials can be followed to perform functions like simply add or remove an account, add contact, delete and share contacts, pin people to Start and Tool Bar in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, impact and export contacts, schedule meetings and mails, change contact´s photo and so much more, by following easy steps to carry out. 

It is also possible to set notifications and change how these are shown, along with a full sheet of key shortcuts to save time using the People App.