Microsoft License Terms: How to find them online

Documentations describing license terms, conditions of use and more are very important when it comes to licensed products and software, since while the users is purchasing a service for their use, the intellectual and technical property is still owned by the company. 

This is the case of Microsoft as one of the most, if not the absolute leader respecting software companies worldwide, with license documentations for every product that describe the conditions, exceptions and other aspects as guarantees, rights and prohibitions related to the services and their use. 

With the Microsoft License Terms users are aware of what they can and cannot do with the purchased software, among other valuable information that must be taken into account. Now, fortunately, these documentation and papers are easy to find online thanks to the company and a proper website. 

Finding license terms for any Microsoft product and software 

Due to the importance of the license terms, Microsoft have designed as a company a website for the availability of the users in which they will be able to download any document of this type and related to any sort of software and platform that involve terms of services, regulations and more. 

In this way, it is very simple for users to find such license terms that are very important to know by the users, since like this they can be aware of the things they can do and others that cannot be done, in terms of the use of software like operating systems and product suites, being great examples Windows and Office, although there are many others. 

To find the documentations and papers, users can access the URL address and start searching for the license terms they need according to purchased product. They can select options regarding how the software was acquired, product name, version, language and others. 

After all of this information is entered the platform will provide results that match with the data, showing the available documents for consulting and downloading. There are many platforms available to show documents and license terms like Windows, Office, Skype and more. 

Searching for Microsoft License Terms using the search bar 

In case users do not have much information about a product but they still want to obtain documentation about license terms and more, in the website there is a search bar that will provide results for downloading archives. This method may be more direct and only required to enter product name. 

Microsoft Developer: Build software for any Microsoft platform

Being a software company and the absolute leader in the segment, Microsoft has developed very influential platforms that to this day result being of the most used across the world. A clear example is Windows, which is the operating system by excellence installed in nine out of ten PCs worldwide, dominating the segment with strong hand for quite a while. 

Of course, Windows is not the only product developed by the company, since there are other solutions focused on professional, home and business environment that are quite known and with huge impact on the market, with Office, Skype and Azure as great examples. 

Due to this influence, software developers are always interested on designing and building apps for all of these platforms, since the potential these have is very obvious and guarantees incomes and the possibility to make users´ lives a bit easier at some point. That is why; the company offers their Microsoft Developer website to get started. 

Developing software for Microsoft: Getting started 

It is possible to develop software for different platforms provided by Microsoft. To get started, the Microsoft Developer website includes Windows, Azure, Visual Studio and Office, being platforms in which developers can build a series of applications and programs to the most out of these solutions, with available system developing kits or SDKs. 

In this way, it will be possible to develop software solutions for Windows in the form of app or traditional program, mobile applications, cloud tools for Azure, extensions for Office and Edge and others, all of this using Visual Studio as the main developing software designed by the company that makes the process a lot faster and intuitive. 

Also, it is possible to develop software for the previously mentioned platforms and more using other frameworks and technologies, in order to build compatible solutions with services like Skype and Java. 

Examples of these technologies are ASP.NET for website development, SharePoint, Microsoft Graph, .NET, coding languages like C++. NodeJS, Phyton, TypeScript and Dynamics 365. With all of these resources is possible to develop valuable platforms compatible with plenty of devices, operating systems and solutions. 

Services that can be added to developed software 

Using the platforms and solutions called before, it is possible to add useful features and services to the developed software, such as the mobile utility for syncing and integration, storage and services related in terms of Big Data and SQL, services like Artificial Intelligence with Cortana and many more. 

Do what you love with Microsoft Careers

Create the future you want with Microsoft and do what you love, with the extensive offer for different jobs and positions the company has for candidates all around the world, with inclusive approach and the best environment for workers to develop in the best way and obtain the experience they need, from a company leader in the technology and software segment with no doubt. 

Either for students or recent graduates and for professional as well, at Microsoft headquarters and offices they can find a good place to show their skills and innovate, in a work location that is designed exactly for this particular purpose to bring new technologies and platform that help people in their daily lives, whether in their home and business alike. 

Microsoft Careers and advantages involved 

At Microsoft as established company with a great name related and years in the technology and software business, students are able to be empowered and obtain valuable experience. For example, the company offers great opportunities in terms of scholarships for future valuable professionals in the segment. 

Also, there are internships and full-time options for candidates that allow them to take part in the company, as a one of a kind opportunity for jumpstarting their careers and obtain the best experience they can to develop in the competitive field of technology. The different opportunities for student and recent graduates are quite extensive at Microsoft. 

Now, of course there is a place in the company for highly qualified professionals in a wide variety of options, for Microsoft to take advantage of such skills and knowledge, and at the same time those professionals can make a difference and actually take their careers to the next level, in terms of positions to tale, experience obtained, salary and the chance to even opt for executives jobs in any company and even Microsoft. 

Inclusiveness at Microsoft and different career paths 

At a company like Microsoft inclusiveness is a very important matter, respecting the awareness of the capabilities and great potential people with disabilities have, not defining who they are in any case. This allows the company to have diversity in workforce and empower people with conditions, proving that they are capable when they are actually taken into account.

In terms of the career and job paths, there are different options to consider in the field of technology and beyond, with positions in engineering, artificial intelligence,, coding, machine learning, cloud, operative functions and more.

App and browser control thanks to Windows Defender

Security has become one of the most important matters respecting computers and their operating systems, and Microsoft is quite aware of this reality that in previous years has affected Windows as their main OS and best-selling software across the world, with malware and other malicious code designed for this specific platform due to its influence. 

Fortunately, Windows 10 is a secure operating system designed to foresee and prevent attacks from malware and malicious code in any of its forms, from ransomware to spyware. This is thanks to the built-in antivirus technology included in Windows 10 known as Windows Defender, which is prepared to face any threat when is updated any sort of malware. 

Now, Windows Defender includes other functions for security, such as the App and Browser Control, making Windows 10 even more secured that it was in first instance. In this way, risks can be avoided and prevented even before they happen, which is the best protection a system may have respecting this matter that involves privacy and security.

How the App and Browser Control function works 

In terms of functionality, the App and Browser Control function works under Windows Defender and SmartScreen as main protection in Windows 10, having as ultimate purpose not allowing any app or program to be executed. 

Since, every malicious code or malware requires to be executed in first place like any other software to perform the tasks for which it was coded, in this case damaging the system or lock data to collect ransom, the main function of the App and Browser Control is to disable the execution of such risky software. 

Therefore, even if the malware is on the computer and the system in the form of a file or app to install, while such software is not executed there is no risk and SmarScreen, along with Windows Defender and the control tool will keep everything safe, avoiding risks and security hazards even before they happen. 

Recommendations respecting Windows Defender 

Windows Defender, SmartScreen and the function of the App and Browser Control are key to protect Windows 10 against many types of malware. That is why; settings are very important to achieve this task and keep the system as safer as possible. 

For example, in terms of recommendations Windows Defender is a software that must be updated as often as possible, so users must check this everyone in a while. Also, carrying out frequent tests and searches to find malware on the device is also a very good advice, avoiding and finding possible malware. 

Microsoft Support: Get help easily

Currently, Microsoft have a great array of services available for users, respecting business, home and professional approach. Some of them are paid or are related to a subscription or one-time payment, and others are completely free and can be downloaded or directly. Whether the case maybe, at some point users may need help respecting using these free or paid services, and with the Microsoft Support website is very easy. 

From Windows to Skype or professional platforms like Azure, the service and software platforms provided by Microsoft is quite extensive with no doubt, and all of these products have their own way of being used and are designed for specific purposes. This is when the Microsoft Support comes one, in order to help users to clear doubts, solve problems and more, all related to products and solutions released by the company. 

Getting help respecting different Microsoft solutions 

The Microsoft Support website is the tool from which the company is able to provide fast assistance and help, respecting many products and solutions related. All of this can be done through the page, using the preferred browser, although Edge is a strong recommendation for better stability, reliability and battery-optimized use. 

When the site is open, it is easy to spot the search bar in the center. Through this bar users can type information regarding the doubt or problem they are having and the product related, whether be Office, Word, Azure or any other. At this point it always helps to write the information in a very short and precise way. 

Depending on the information inserted on the search bar, the website will provide some results to choose from, in which there is content respecting the information and how to solve the problem. For example, like this the user is able to download resources, obtain guides or simply tutorials on how to fix and issue if that is the case. Forums like Technet are also included to obtain support from the community. 

Selecting products to obtain help and support 

In case users do not want to use the search bar there is the possibility to select the product or platform involved directly from a menu below the search bar. 

Like this, if there are doubts about Windows for example, the platform can be selected and different results and options will appear respecting any issue. 

The available platforms to obtain support from are Windows, Xbox, Office, Skype, Microsoft Store, OneDrive and many other solutions provided by the company.  

Microsoft Technet Documentation and resources

Microsoft offers different platforms related to technological matters, solutions and general products released by the company. 

Also, some of these platforms are available online with the shape of websites, including supporting materials and resources to help professionals, end uses and customers in general to find information about what they need, either from operating systems to professional cloud solutions. 

For example, Technet is a platform of this sort that includes plenty of resources for professionals and customers, addressing a great extension of products and solutions released by company. In the same way, there is a Microsoft Technet documentation and resources to take into account, in which is described and available all of this material for download. 

Technet resources as valuable materials for users 

In details, Technet is the platform for all professional experts in the matters of information technologies or IT, software development and also end users and general customers, including resources and materials for different purposes, like guiding, troubleshooting or consulting, among other type of knowledge and assets that are available for these intentions and more. 

Also, Technet can be considered as a comprehensive content library that gathers resources for different types of platforms, disciplines and solutions carried out by Microsoft, with valuable documentation that includes from images and files to download, courses, support and the famous Technet forums in which users can exchange information and help others as a great community. 

Troubleshooting, topics and training with Technet 

With the Microsoft Technet documentation and resources is possible to obtain knowledge for different purposes. For instance, it is possible to get information about troubleshooting and sole issues respecting different solutions and products by Microsoft, allowing users and professionals to ask questions in the forums, solve technical problems, obtain assistance and support and more. 

There are also available downloads for different topics, such as using trial versions of Microsoft products with the Microsoft Evaluation Center, get service packs and even download the Tech Companion App to use in mobile devices and Windows 10 computers or support on the go. Training is another important aspect of Microsoft Technet, with virtual academies, courses and resources to learn about professional platforms like Azure.

The key topics respecting Technet are known segments in the computing field, such as cloud platforms, mobility and productivity, which include important platforms promoted by Microsoft like Windows Server, Azure, Office, Dynamics 365 and more, with plenty of materials and resources to take advantage of and get the most out of these professional, home and business solutions. 

Windows Update: FAQ and what to know

Operating systems are important platforms that allow computers and similar devices to interact with the users and perform different actions. Also, the OS must have security functions to protect the information and data stored in storage units like hard drives and SSDs, and in many cases this cannot be done due to vulnerabilities in the system that appear over time. 

To compensate this risk and for many reasons more, in the case of Microsoft and Windows as operating system the company offers the Microsoft Updates, as the way to keep the platform up to date and provide more protection and patches that can solve vulnerabilities, without the need to perform complicated steps or reinstall the OS.

However, it is possible that many people have questions about this updating process, and that is why there is available the Microsoft Update FAQ site online, solving some doubts about this process that is very important, especially in older platforms like Windows 7 or Windows 8 that are about to lose support, leaving them open to risks due to vulnerabilities will no longer be patched. 

helloworldhttps://privacy microsoft com/en-us/updates

Frequent asked questions about Windows Update

Windows Update is the way Microsoft keep the operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server and other variants up to date, in order to avoid, solve and patch vulnerabilities that appear over time. 

Also, through Windows Update is possible to apply new versions of the system that are installed automatically, along with stability solutions and updates for third-party software, with the same intention to reduce risk gaps and more. 

Fortunately, as main characteristics windows updates through this system are applied automatically and can be programmed to be installed over night or at any given moment, in order to avoid installation on critical times or when users have their computers busy. 

Since the many functions referred before, users may have problems or doubts respecting this updating system. For this, the Windows Update FAQ or frequent asked questions website is very useful, letting customers know about how, when and there to installed this updates and even uninstall them in case these cause any issue in the device. 

How to access Windows Update FAQ 

Accessing the Windows Update FAQ online is very easy. Users just have to visit this URL address using their preferred internet browser. 

Then, it will be easy to find information about how to install updates automatically or manually, how to set specific times on when installing the updates and more.

Microsoft Solitaire Premium and other Microsoft games

Microsoft Solitaire Premium and other Microsoft games
Microsoft Solitaire Premium and other Microsoft games

There are different options for entertainment in Windows as operating system, which have been included by Microsoft since previous versions of the OS until the release of Windows 10. For example, there are different Microsoft games that can be played in Windows 10 machines right after getting out of their packages, with Microsoft Solitaire Premium, Minesweeper and other classics that are enjoyed by many people. 

Different options available in Microsoft Casual Games platform 

Through the Microsoft Casual Games platform available online there are different title available, being new and old known games that people always enjoyed to have on their devices, such as Microsoft Solitaire Premium or the Solitaire Collection that have both games that were included in older versions of Windows like Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 7. 

Of course, there are other games the family can enjoy together like Mahjong, Jigsaw, Ultimate Word Games, Bingo and Sudoku. There is also the Microsoft Minesweeper game as an all-time favorite title for many people. 

For those who have an XBOX One in any of the variants available the catalog offers nowadays the Microsoft Treasure Hunt title, which can be played in the console, as well as in Windows and scores and preferences get synced using the same Outlook or Microsoft account. 

All of these games can be downloaded for free in the Microsoft Casual Games platform online, in the form of apps that are directly installed in Windows. However, the games can also be downloaded from other sources like Microsoft Market in Windows 10, as an executable for other Windows versions and also in XBOX Live to install it on the Xbox One. 

These titles are classic and casual, so they usually are not very demanding in terms of graphics, so they can be executed in practically any recent device with great experience and smoothness.