Microsoft License Terms: How to find them online

Documentations describing license terms, conditions of use and more are very important when it comes to licensed products and software, since while the users is purchasing a service for their use, the intellectual and technical property is still owned by the company.  This is the case of Microsoft as one of the most, if not […]

Microsoft Developer: Build software for any Microsoft platform

Being a software company and the absolute leader in the segment, Microsoft has developed very influential platforms that to this day result being of the most used across the world. A clear example is Windows, which is the operating system by excellence installed in nine out of ten PCs worldwide, dominating the segment with strong […]

Do what you love with Microsoft Careers

Create the future you want with Microsoft and do what you love, with the extensive offer for different jobs and positions the company has for candidates all around the world, with inclusive approach and the best environment for workers to develop in the best way and obtain the experience they need, from a company leader […]

App and browser control thanks to Windows Defender

Security has become one of the most important matters respecting computers and their operating systems, and Microsoft is quite aware of this reality that in previous years has affected Windows as their main OS and best-selling software across the world, with malware and other malicious code designed for this specific platform due to its influence.  […]

Microsoft Support: Get help easily

Currently, Microsoft have a great array of services available for users, respecting business, home and professional approach. Some of them are paid or are related to a subscription or one-time payment, and others are completely free and can be downloaded or directly. Whether the case maybe, at some point users may need help respecting using […]

Microsoft Technet Documentation and resources

Microsoft offers different platforms related to technological matters, solutions and general products released by the company.  Also, some of these platforms are available online with the shape of websites, including supporting materials and resources to help professionals, end uses and customers in general to find information about what they need, either from operating systems to […]

Windows Update: FAQ and what to know

Operating systems are important platforms that allow computers and similar devices to interact with the users and perform different actions. Also, the OS must have security functions to protect the information and data stored in storage units like hard drives and SSDs, and in many cases this cannot be done due to vulnerabilities in the […]