MSDN Developer Social Forums: What to know

The Microsoft Developer Network or MSDN is a set of online services that offer support, resources and software for developers, as a platform that involve a great amount of guidelines, example, solution threats and other tools that are designed to help such developers in the work of designing platforms for Microsoft´s operating systems and other […]

Get Help using the Microsoft Contact Page

Customer service and support for the user are imperative benefits every buyer of any product should have, in case there are doubts and question related to what was purchased. These matters are specifically important in products and solutions related with technology, which can put users to the test and in the need for assistance.  For […]

How to get started with Power Bi Windows 10 Phone app

Power Bi is the powerful business-focused platform offered by Microsoft, which for 12 years is the absolute leader in the segment of business data for many clients, providing the environment and framework to understand data and information that seem complex in first instance, but with the platform become understandable and usable for analysts, TI professionals […]

Previous versions of Microsoft products, services and technologies

Microsoft is a the leading company in terms of computing software for home and business use, along with an outstanding hardware line which flags are definitely the XBOX console and Surface devices line of product. Because the company from Redmond, Washington has been in the market for quite some decades, there are previous versions of […]

Microsoft Edge Tips

Microsoft Edge is the web browser that came to revolutionize the field of internet surfing since the release of Internet Explorer, and for this to happen such platform was developed caring about every detail, as well as providing amazing functions, optimization and security a modern web browser must have and more, empowering Windows 10 from […]

How to use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots

Taking screenshots is a productivity function that is used regularly in mobile devices and computer, in order to make annotations, save conversations and more.  However, to count on with a tool for this specific purpose is great, especially in platforms like Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, and Snipping Tool is a software that […]

How to use alarms in Windows 10

Alarms are very useful tools that practically are included in almost any operating system and devices, allowing us to set reminders or be awake early in the morning. Therefore, an outstanding operating system like Windows 10 would not leave behind such a basic but important functionality. In the next segment we are going to show […]

Microsoft´s People App: Help and Support

Microsoft as company is always concerned about creating platforms that provide tools to people, also with the intention to bring them together with family and friend to help them spend more time sharing, instead of being away and working all the time.  One of these platforms from Microsoft is the People App, as the one […]