Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality
Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is the platform provided by Microsoft that allows the user to have an amazing experience in games and apps respecting augmented reality and virtual reality features. In this way, players and Windows users can have another level of entertainment with immersive experience that makes them fell inside the game. 

Of course, augmented and virtual reality of the hand of Windows Mixed Reality technology is a feature that demands great and specific resources from a computer in order to work perfectly and provide the best experience. In case of having issues, you can get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality with the available support online. 

Getting the best out of Windows Mixed Reality 

According to Microsoft´s website support is easy to find PC compatibility issues related with Windows Mixed Reality, especially those that are related with resources and hardware, although software is also involved. For example, the platforms is only available and compatible with Windows 10. 

To discard any compatibility issue, Microsoft provides the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app, which by a quick benchmark let us know through a report if the hardware components of the machine are capable of running the platform, by checking CPU, RAM, graphics card model and brand, Windows version installed and others. 

According to the checking tool there are three messages that can be shown: “You´re Good to Go” as the message that appears when the PC meets with all requirements, usually being computer with modern architectures and CPU, recent and modern NVIDIA or AMD dedicated graphic cards and DDR4 fast multichannel RAM. 

The second message that is possible to appear is “Supports some features”; saying that some apps and games can run but others will not or will run slow and offer bad experience, usually due to recent but slow hardware or the other way around, fast but old hardware. The “Can´t run mixed reality” message simply says that the platform will not run due to old and slow hardware. 

Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality
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