Microsoft Privacy Updates over the years

Microsoft Privacy Updates over the years
Microsoft Privacy Updates over the years

Microsoft is a large technological company that has as responsibility to provide and post reasonable privacy conditions and their changes, respecting their products and solutions both software and hardware. In this way, users are aware of the privacy terms and conditions Microsoft apply to their products and if they are agree or not and stop or still using the solutions from the company. 

In order to make this easier, the company from Redmond has a specific page in their website to show the Microsoft Privacy Updates over the years, regarding all of their products and services and how these make use or not of personal data and other similar information, along with conditions modified, removed or added for the user to read them easily and always stay aware and act in case of possible disagreement. 

Details about Microsoft Privacy Updates 

Since 2015, Microsoft has released and posted online its Privacy Updates that includes changes, adding or removals of any terms, conditions or description that specifically has to with personal data management and control, along with other type of information that in first instance belong to the users, so is their right and also responsibility to know changes in privacy to know if they agree or not.

In the same way, the Microsoft Privacy Updates page in official Microsoft´s website corresponds to legislations from different countries and especially in the United States, where according to law any changes in TOS of any kind must be posted to the public so users can know about changes in terms that put at risk their privacy, fundamental rights or others, as well as the agreement on give some of this up if that is their decision.  

The Microsoft Privacy Updates involve products like Bing, Cortana, XBOX Live and Kinect, Office, Skype and different permissions apps in Windows 10 and other Microsoft platform require to function.  

About Mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://privacy microsoft com/en-us/privacystatement

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Microsoft Privacy Updates over the years
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