Do what you love with Microsoft Careers

Create the future you want with Microsoft and do what you love, with the extensive offer for different jobs and positions the company has for candidates all around the world, with inclusive approach and the best environment for workers to develop in the best way and obtain the experience they need, from a company leader in the technology and software segment with no doubt. 

Either for students or recent graduates and for professional as well, at Microsoft headquarters and offices they can find a good place to show their skills and innovate, in a work location that is designed exactly for this particular purpose to bring new technologies and platform that help people in their daily lives, whether in their home and business alike. 

Microsoft Careers and advantages involved 

At Microsoft as established company with a great name related and years in the technology and software business, students are able to be empowered and obtain valuable experience. For example, the company offers great opportunities in terms of scholarships for future valuable professionals in the segment. 

Also, there are internships and full-time options for candidates that allow them to take part in the company, as a one of a kind opportunity for jumpstarting their careers and obtain the best experience they can to develop in the competitive field of technology. The different opportunities for student and recent graduates are quite extensive at Microsoft. 

Now, of course there is a place in the company for highly qualified professionals in a wide variety of options, for Microsoft to take advantage of such skills and knowledge, and at the same time those professionals can make a difference and actually take their careers to the next level, in terms of positions to tale, experience obtained, salary and the chance to even opt for executives jobs in any company and even Microsoft. 

Inclusiveness at Microsoft and different career paths 

At a company like Microsoft inclusiveness is a very important matter, respecting the awareness of the capabilities and great potential people with disabilities have, not defining who they are in any case. This allows the company to have diversity in workforce and empower people with conditions, proving that they are capable when they are actually taken into account.

In terms of the career and job paths, there are different options to consider in the field of technology and beyond, with positions in engineering, artificial intelligence,, coding, machine learning, cloud, operative functions and more.

Do what you love with Microsoft Careers
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