Microsoft Edge Tips

Microsoft Edge Tips
Microsoft Edge Tips

Microsoft Edge is the web browser that came to revolutionize the field of internet surfing since the release of Internet Explorer, and for this to happen such platform was developed caring about every detail, as well as providing amazing functions, optimization and security a modern web browser must have and more, empowering Windows 10 from the very beginning. 

Here are some Microsoft Edge Tips that are quite useful and will make you get the most out of the Microsoft´s web browser available in Windows 10, also having versions iOS and Android operating systems, with plenty of the same function, stability, security, quickness and responsiveness. 

Features to stay productive, organize and safe with Edge

There are great and modern features in Edge that are amazing tips to use and take advantage of the browser. For example, to start as you reading text on any page using Edge as browser, if you select any specific phrase or word, automatically it will search for a meaning or translation to show you in Bing, which is very helpful when reading. 

Also, in the case of filling forms or registration online, the user can perform this action in just one click and not many t put the cursor on the spaces to type the information, saving time. On productive wise, Edge offers the possibility to be customized with extensions that achieve different functions, like saving pictures and pin them with Pinterest, or helping to search and put products to cart in Amazon. 

Edge also help you to be organized and completely synced between devices, so as a tip you can log in on Edge and on every phone and tablet when you use the browser will also be your bookmarks, passwords, accounts and even last pages left where you stop use them in one device to use the other. 

In terms of security, Edge allows the user easily to delete browser history, get rid of annoying pop-ups automatically and since it does not have Adobe Flash, it is safer and battery-optimized.

Microsoft Edge Tips
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