Microsoft´s People App: Help and Support

Microsoft´s People App: Help and Support
Microsoft´s People App: Help and Support

Microsoft as company is always concerned about creating platforms that provide tools to people, also with the intention to bring them together with family and friend to help them spend more time sharing, instead of being away and working all the time. 

One of these platforms from Microsoft is the People App, as the one that gathers people contacts, calendar and mail services in one, in order to make easier to connect with colleagues, family and friend and share all types of files and documents, photos and videos, as well as email for appointments and schedules, everything in just one place in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. 

Now, in case of doubts about this available service for Microsoft platforms like Windows, the company offers the People App Help section online, specifically in the support website where queries can be solved, as well as different procedures are shown to solve problems and issues and provide actual solutions, easily and using a tutorial approach. 

Consulting People App help and support 

Consulting help and support respecting the People App from Microsoft is very easy, by just visiting this URL address, where the user is able to find different sections addressing the situations, issues and problems related to the platform, along with procedures on how to carry out every function and learn to use the platform. 

Through this support page very easy tutorials can be followed to perform functions like simply add or remove an account, add contact, delete and share contacts, pin people to Start and Tool Bar in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, impact and export contacts, schedule meetings and mails, change contact´s photo and so much more, by following easy steps to carry out. 

It is also possible to set notifications and change how these are shown, along with a full sheet of key shortcuts to save time using the People App.

Microsoft´s People App: Help and Support
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