Microsoft Developer: Build software for any Microsoft platform

Being a software company and the absolute leader in the segment, Microsoft has developed very influential platforms that to this day result being of the most used across the world. A clear example is Windows, which is the operating system by excellence installed in nine out of ten PCs worldwide, dominating the segment with strong hand for quite a while. 

Of course, Windows is not the only product developed by the company, since there are other solutions focused on professional, home and business environment that are quite known and with huge impact on the market, with Office, Skype and Azure as great examples. 

Due to this influence, software developers are always interested on designing and building apps for all of these platforms, since the potential these have is very obvious and guarantees incomes and the possibility to make users´ lives a bit easier at some point. That is why; the company offers their Microsoft Developer website to get started. 

Developing software for Microsoft: Getting started 

It is possible to develop software for different platforms provided by Microsoft. To get started, the Microsoft Developer website includes Windows, Azure, Visual Studio and Office, being platforms in which developers can build a series of applications and programs to the most out of these solutions, with available system developing kits or SDKs. 

In this way, it will be possible to develop software solutions for Windows in the form of app or traditional program, mobile applications, cloud tools for Azure, extensions for Office and Edge and others, all of this using Visual Studio as the main developing software designed by the company that makes the process a lot faster and intuitive. 

Also, it is possible to develop software for the previously mentioned platforms and more using other frameworks and technologies, in order to build compatible solutions with services like Skype and Java. 

Examples of these technologies are ASP.NET for website development, SharePoint, Microsoft Graph, .NET, coding languages like C++. NodeJS, Phyton, TypeScript and Dynamics 365. With all of these resources is possible to develop valuable platforms compatible with plenty of devices, operating systems and solutions. 

Services that can be added to developed software 

Using the platforms and solutions called before, it is possible to add useful features and services to the developed software, such as the mobile utility for syncing and integration, storage and services related in terms of Big Data and SQL, services like Artificial Intelligence with Cortana and many more. 

Microsoft Developer: Build software for any Microsoft platform
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