Microsoft Solitaire Premium and other Microsoft games

Microsoft Solitaire Premium and other Microsoft games
Microsoft Solitaire Premium and other Microsoft games

There are different options for entertainment in Windows as operating system, which have been included by Microsoft since previous versions of the OS until the release of Windows 10. For example, there are different Microsoft games that can be played in Windows 10 machines right after getting out of their packages, with Microsoft Solitaire Premium, Minesweeper and other classics that are enjoyed by many people. 

Different options available in Microsoft Casual Games platform 

Through the Microsoft Casual Games platform available online there are different title available, being new and old known games that people always enjoyed to have on their devices, such as Microsoft Solitaire Premium or the Solitaire Collection that have both games that were included in older versions of Windows like Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 7. 

Of course, there are other games the family can enjoy together like Mahjong, Jigsaw, Ultimate Word Games, Bingo and Sudoku. There is also the Microsoft Minesweeper game as an all-time favorite title for many people. 

For those who have an XBOX One in any of the variants available the catalog offers nowadays the Microsoft Treasure Hunt title, which can be played in the console, as well as in Windows and scores and preferences get synced using the same Outlook or Microsoft account. 

All of these games can be downloaded for free in the Microsoft Casual Games platform online, in the form of apps that are directly installed in Windows. However, the games can also be downloaded from other sources like Microsoft Market in Windows 10, as an executable for other Windows versions and also in XBOX Live to install it on the Xbox One. 

These titles are classic and casual, so they usually are not very demanding in terms of graphics, so they can be executed in practically any recent device with great experience and smoothness. 

Microsoft Solitaire Premium and other Microsoft games
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