The varied extension of Microsoft Trademarks

The varied extension of Microsoft Trademarks
The varied extension of Microsoft Trademarks

Microsoft is definitely of the most relevant technology companies around the world, being for decades the leader in software for personal computer and productivity suites. Being all this time present in the market with an influential spot in the field, the company from Redmond owns a quite extensive set of sub-products and solutions, which are known as Microsoft Trademarks. 

The Microsoft Trademarks available today 

Microsoft Trademarks are the different brands, logos and other materials related to the representation of the varied products, solutions and software provide by the company, which make them unique at least in the adverting and promoting purposes, working also as service names for such products and solutions to be recognizable to the public and provide trust. 

Like this, every product and service has its own logo, name and sort of theme to be related instantly, smaller or bigger as it might be at some point. Also, Microsoft Trademarks are associated with other important matters of the company, such as legal copyrights, rights of use, franchises, intellectual property, patents and more technologies and resources that are linked to those products. 

Due to the size and huge impact Microsoft has in the technological field and with decades present in it, the company has a quite extensive Trademarks catalogue that involves every one of its services and products, either these are still active or have been disabled or retired by the company, reserving the rights to use name, logo and related themes when necessary. 

Through the legal website of Microsoft’s platform online the user is able to consult the Trademark & Brand Guidelines document, where all terms and conditions to use or add names and logos of products and services designed by Microsoft are described, which is especially useful for those companies interested on being retailers, OEM suppliers and more. The most known Microsoft Trademarks are Windows, Office, Word, Excel, Bing, Cortana and more.

The varied extension of Microsoft Trademarks
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