Microsoft Windows 10: The latest OS from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 10: The latest OS from Microsoft
Microsoft Windows 10: The latest OS from Microsoft

After the huge success Windows 7 was and then the mix feelings that produced Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft was ready again to recover its leading place in the operating system market, and what a way to do it with Windows 10 as absolute flag ship in terms of OS for PCs and servers. 

A little bit of history and functions of Windows 10 

After a few filtrations on the internet, Windows 10 was finally released in July, 2015 as the next generation OS based on Windows NT core, with advanced options and a new GUI inspired in the Metro interface from Windows 8, but including the return of the mythical Menu button that every missed so much back in the days. 

Unlike previous versions of Windows, the new OS was seen as a service from behalf of Microsoft instead of an absolute product, in order to receive security parches, critical updates and more on the run, including business environment that receive new functions at a slower rhythm. Like this, classic service packs are gone for good and the system can be completely updated for free through Windows Update. 

Windows 10 is an innovative OS due to the new compatibility with apps, which are coded under a universal application architecture based in Continuum and Fluent Design interfaces. In this way, such apps are compatible with every Windows-based product and other platforms manufactured by Microsoft, such as regular PC and laptops, tablets, mobile phones, XBOX One, HoloLens, embedded systems and Windows Server. 

Also, Windows 10 is a platform designed to be used with touch screen or mouse and keyboard likewise, as well as including virtual desk, a new built-in internet browser called Edge, comlete support for fingerprint sensors and other biometric-based security options, Windows Hello and DirectX 12 as new API for high level graphic that makes of Windows 10 the ultimate gaming platform. 

Microsoft Windows 10: The latest OS from Microsoft
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