MSDN Developer Social Forums: What to know

MSDN Developer Social Forums: What to know
MSDN Developer Social Forums: What to know

The Microsoft Developer Network or MSDN is a set of online services that offer support, resources and software for developers, as a platform that involve a great amount of guidelines, example, solution threats and other tools that are designed to help such developers in the work of designing platforms for Microsoft´s operating systems and other products. 

However, one of the main tools the Microsoft Developer Network provide is the MSN Developer Social Forums platform, which is focused on the support and help to the software and hardware developers from others that are prepared or have knowledge in the field, being practically a gigantic support forum for developers in Microsoft platforms of any sort. 

What is exactly the MSDN Developer Social forum? 

Specifically, the MSDN Developer Social forum is a massive community platform available online, in which are available different types of contents and resources that go from simple guidelines and advices, to complex examples, developer tools and long threads that help to solve many types of problems and issues related to software developing for Microsoft´s products and other solutions. 

In relations to the threads, there are different topics and technologies available addressed in them where people around the world can ask questions, provide answers and perform other actions for the sake of the developer community. There are threats that have years since they were started, with valuable documents, examples and information to solve many issues and situations. 

Among the topics included in the MSDN Developer Social forums there are APIs, Azure related threads, Bing, ASP and ASP.NET, .NET frameworks, WebView, Visual Studio, Windows and Office and other platforms, even those that are not available anymore or do not have further support. 

Also, users can ask questions and open new threads, consult information using keyword or actual complete queries, such as users would do it searching in the web through Bing. 

MSDN Developer Social Forums: What to know
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