MSN Money Index Details: DOW Quote

MSN Money Index Details: DOW Quote
MSN Money Index Details: DOW Quote

Microsoft Money is the platform in which users can know about plenty of aspects of economy, business and enterprising in just one place, like news, indexes, economic status and more. The information shown in this platform is local and also international, taking into account news from small businesses, as well as from large corporations and their finances. 

Along with that, the MSN Money platform counts with a series of sections that are very important for the users and have been there for years. A great example of this is the Microsoft Money Index Details: DOW Quote, which is updated every day and is consulted by millions of people to know about the general finance status of the greatest corporations in the world, along with their impact in Macro-economy. 

More about the MSN Money Index Details and DOW Quote 

Of all of the indexes available to consult in MSN Money Platform, the DOW quote is definitely the most important and referred by plenty of users and people in general around the world, with details about numbers, trends over time, graphics and other tools that make easier to understand the financial information provided. 

But, what is the DOW index quote? In simple words, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, also known as Dow Jones or DOW is a stock index that was first introduced in the XIX Century by Charles Dow, from that its name, which according to different mathematical operations and equations can be known the finance status and stock condition of an enterprise. 

The DOW index is shown in summary form in MSN Index Details over time, which can be set to be shown daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, every five years and more. There are more than 30 companies around the world that are shown in the DOW index, such as Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Coca Cola and others with great relevance in the macro-economics of the world. 

MSN Money Index Details: DOW Quote
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