Netflix: The most famous video streaming platform

Netflix: The most famous video streaming platform
Netflix: The most famous video streaming platform

Nowadays, the trend is to use streaming services that through a monthly subscription offer almost an unlimited catalog for users to enjoy music, TV series, movies and more, without the need to download the content and directly using the internet connection and WIFI. 

If we are talking about streaming services, Netflix is definitely the most famous and relevant platform of its type today, with successful proper productions in movies and series that are watched by millions and demonstrating that this business model is the next big thing in multimedia and movie making. 

What is Netflix? 

Specifically, Netflix is a streaming platform specialized in offering a huge catalogue of series and movies, with proper and outside production, that come in any number of genres and types that in fact are classified this way for the user to find the desired content easily. Every week, Netflix adds more and more proper content, along with series and movies from other producers but that want to be included due to the great success the platform has. 

Netflix is compatible with any number of devices, such as smart TVs, Android powered smart phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, TV boxes, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazing Fire Stick and box and so much more. Of course, the platform is also compatible with Windows and Mac computer or any other machine that is capable of running full versions of browsers like Edge, Chrome, Mozilla and Safari. 

The business model respecting Netflix is simple; the catalog is available with no limits for a monthly subscription that is paid every month, being the content and profiles automatically synced between devices. 

In terms of service plans, there are three available that offer different advantages and prices: Basic Standard and Premium, with up to 4 screens that can be enjoyed at the same time, ultra-HD HDR compatible content, unlimited catalog and the chance to cancel the subscription any time. 

Netflix: The most famous video streaming platform
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