The platform of OpenStreetMap

For many people the use of maps software is very important to have on their mobile devices like phones or laptops, since like to find addresses and obtain information about traffic and other conditions is very easy and help a lot on the road to get to new places. One platform of this sort is the OpenStreetMap website that performs exactly these functions and more in one place. 

Map apps and websites have become necessary for any local or mobile device on the go, helping users to find addresses in the easiest way and obtain valuable information about places to arrive. With OpenStreetMap all of this is possible thanks to different technology and one important approach taken by the developers that makes it stand out among similar platforms. 

What is OpenStreetMap? Platform with open approach 

In definition, OpenStreetMap is a web-based map service that allows the users to find information and places in real time, on a large map that includes data about several aspects that are useful on the go or for consultation. So, finding information about places is very easy and completely free on a laptop, mobile device or any other handheld connected and compatible with internet browsers. 

One thing to consider about this platform is that it has an open-source approach that has been taken by the developers, meaning that ordinary people take part and from all around the world users can modify and add information about the places they live and travel, offering valuable data to other users. 

In the same way, being open-source OpenStreetMap is of free use and it does not involve any payment, charge, subscription or even ads to deal with, due to its open approach, although this does not mean it lacks of functionalities. 

Functions available on OpenStreetMap 

Using the platform is very easy and involves plenty of functions. The main one must be the search bar placed at the top left of the screen, in which cities, regions, locations and streets of any part of the world can be entered to be shown on the map. 

Not only that, since if the users move to the right of the screen they will find the tool bar with other useful options, such as zoom in and zoom out, add satellite view, layers and different indicators to find places like gas stations, squares, places to visits, boarder and more. It is also possible to open session, sign in and sign out to OpenStreetMap. 

The platform of OpenStreetMap
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