Microsoft Terms of Use: Conditions and exceptions on using products

Terms of use are involved in practically every product, service and solution provided by any company, as the extensive set of conditions, exceptions and parameters of use that are related to law, jurisdiction, prohibition, annulment and more that are deeply described for knowledge of the consumer. Here are the Microsoft Terms of Use as the […]

Microsoft Developer 3D Partners for groundbreaking manufacturing

3D printing stopped being a thing from the future to become a reality. Nevertheless, even today this technology is seen as something impractical to use due to pricing matter, since a 3D printer at least for home use is very expensive and can easily surpass thousands of dollars, even the low-end models. Now, groundbreaking manufacturing […]

Microsoft Solitaire Premium and other Microsoft games

There are different options for entertainment in Windows as operating system, which have been included by Microsoft since previous versions of the OS until the release of Windows 10. For example, there are different Microsoft games that can be played in Windows 10 machines right after getting out of their packages, with Microsoft Solitaire Premium, […]

Bing: history, how to use it, features and much more

Microsoft is the most influential software company worldwide, with leader operating system and office suite solution across the board. Although, in terms of search engine technology the company from Redmond has been left behind quite sometimes in the past, with attempts to provide a platform of this sort with MSN Search and Windows Live Search, […]

Get the most potential out of your business with Microsoft Advertising

Digital marketing is a most when it comes to businesses and enterprises that want to be successful these days, since people and potential customers are now in their phones, tablets and mobile devices many hours of the day, and this is where marketing must be directed to offer actual functional campaigns over the internet. The […]

Get Help using the Microsoft Contact Page

Customer service and support for the user are imperative benefits every buyer of any product should have, in case there are doubts and question related to what was purchased. These matters are specifically important in products and solutions related with technology, which can put users to the test and in the need for assistance.  For […]

How to get started with Power Bi Windows 10 Phone app

Power Bi is the powerful business-focused platform offered by Microsoft, which for 12 years is the absolute leader in the segment of business data for many clients, providing the environment and framework to understand data and information that seem complex in first instance, but with the platform become understandable and usable for analysts, TI professionals […]

Microsoft Windows 10: The latest OS from Microsoft

After the huge success Windows 7 was and then the mix feelings that produced Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft was ready again to recover its leading place in the operating system market, and what a way to do it with Windows 10 as absolute flag ship in terms of OS for PCs and servers.  […]