The streaming music service of Pandora

Streaming services are definitely here to stay, as the current preferred way for many people around the world to enjoy media content, such as music, series and movies with nothing to worry about like downloading or anything like since, since with a subscription that is paid every month such platforms provide extensive catalogue to enjoy limitless. This is the case of Pandora.

Pandora is one of the most recognized and oldest streaming services in the United States, in fact being a pioneer long before platforms like Netflix became popular. However, this is not the only thing that makes Pandora unique, since there is one key feature that to this day is one-of-a-kind for this specific platform. 

What is Pandora? 

Specifically, Pandora is a special music streaming service that is nothing alike respecting other current platforms alike, such as Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music, which are simple subscriptions to music that can be listened through streaming by paying a monthly subscription. 

In details, Pandora is a unique streaming service related to music that uses a special algorithm to select and establish song playlists, which is called The Music Genome Project as patented technology. 

With this technology songs included in the catalogue are analyzed to their very core in terms of characteristics like notes, rhythm, tone, tempo, harmony, melody, arraignments, lyrics and more. With this, the essence of music is captured and a ranking can be performed to carry out playlists. 

This means that with a song a user can generate a playlist with similar songs in terms of styles, providing music that will be valuable for the user. Such playlists are known in the platform as radio stations and can be shared and modified by the user at will. 

History and availability respecting Pandora

Pandora has been available since 2000, when it was created by a group of technologist and enthusiasts respecting music, who had the intention on creating a service that later result on the one that is known as Pandora. Like this, the platform is the absolute pioneer in terms of similar streaming music platforms, being on the market for almost 2 decades and with a market share of 70 million users. 

Unfortunately, Pandora is not available worldwide and it can be only used in three countries so far; United States, New Zealand and Australia, due to inconvenient respecting the technology of The Music Genome Project, copyrights and other issues that make impossible the use of Pandora in the whole world. 

The streaming music service of Pandora
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