App and browser control thanks to Windows Defender

Security has become one of the most important matters respecting computers and their operating systems, and Microsoft is quite aware of this reality that in previous years has affected Windows as their main OS and best-selling software across the world, with malware and other malicious code designed for this specific platform due to its influence. 

Fortunately, Windows 10 is a secure operating system designed to foresee and prevent attacks from malware and malicious code in any of its forms, from ransomware to spyware. This is thanks to the built-in antivirus technology included in Windows 10 known as Windows Defender, which is prepared to face any threat when is updated any sort of malware. 

Now, Windows Defender includes other functions for security, such as the App and Browser Control, making Windows 10 even more secured that it was in first instance. In this way, risks can be avoided and prevented even before they happen, which is the best protection a system may have respecting this matter that involves privacy and security.

How the App and Browser Control function works 

In terms of functionality, the App and Browser Control function works under Windows Defender and SmartScreen as main protection in Windows 10, having as ultimate purpose not allowing any app or program to be executed. 

Since, every malicious code or malware requires to be executed in first place like any other software to perform the tasks for which it was coded, in this case damaging the system or lock data to collect ransom, the main function of the App and Browser Control is to disable the execution of such risky software. 

Therefore, even if the malware is on the computer and the system in the form of a file or app to install, while such software is not executed there is no risk and SmarScreen, along with Windows Defender and the control tool will keep everything safe, avoiding risks and security hazards even before they happen. 

Recommendations respecting Windows Defender 

Windows Defender, SmartScreen and the function of the App and Browser Control are key to protect Windows 10 against many types of malware. That is why; settings are very important to achieve this task and keep the system as safer as possible. 

For example, in terms of recommendations Windows Defender is a software that must be updated as often as possible, so users must check this everyone in a while. Also, carrying out frequent tests and searches to find malware on the device is also a very good advice, avoiding and finding possible malware. 

App and browser control thanks to Windows Defender
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