Windows Update: FAQ and what to know

Operating systems are important platforms that allow computers and similar devices to interact with the users and perform different actions. Also, the OS must have security functions to protect the information and data stored in storage units like hard drives and SSDs, and in many cases this cannot be done due to vulnerabilities in the system that appear over time. 

To compensate this risk and for many reasons more, in the case of Microsoft and Windows as operating system the company offers the Microsoft Updates, as the way to keep the platform up to date and provide more protection and patches that can solve vulnerabilities, without the need to perform complicated steps or reinstall the OS.

However, it is possible that many people have questions about this updating process, and that is why there is available the Microsoft Update FAQ site online, solving some doubts about this process that is very important, especially in older platforms like Windows 7 or Windows 8 that are about to lose support, leaving them open to risks due to vulnerabilities will no longer be patched. 

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Frequent asked questions about Windows Update

Windows Update is the way Microsoft keep the operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server and other variants up to date, in order to avoid, solve and patch vulnerabilities that appear over time. 

Also, through Windows Update is possible to apply new versions of the system that are installed automatically, along with stability solutions and updates for third-party software, with the same intention to reduce risk gaps and more. 

Fortunately, as main characteristics windows updates through this system are applied automatically and can be programmed to be installed over night or at any given moment, in order to avoid installation on critical times or when users have their computers busy. 

Since the many functions referred before, users may have problems or doubts respecting this updating system. For this, the Windows Update FAQ or frequent asked questions website is very useful, letting customers know about how, when and there to installed this updates and even uninstall them in case these cause any issue in the device. 

How to access Windows Update FAQ 

Accessing the Windows Update FAQ online is very easy. Users just have to visit this URL address using their preferred internet browser. 

Then, it will be easy to find information about how to install updates automatically or manually, how to set specific times on when installing the updates and more.

Windows Update: FAQ and what to know
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